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Our Strategy

India is one of the world's most competitive markets. Winning here requires winning every day.

At the heart of all of Telenor India’s telecom offerings – mobile plans, call rates, value added services, sales strategy, customer care – is the subscriber. So simply put, our strategy is to work our way to become the best telecom brand by putting the subscriber first, and making everything revolve around him.

Telenor India’s top management has defined three strategic pillars that will help us build and sustain an advantage over our competitors.

The three strategic pillars of Telenor India are:

Best on servicing the basics

Being best on servicing the basics is about getting the things that matter for the customer right - Best in Basic Voice and Best in Basic Internet Services. Examples are how quickly we activate subscriptions and ensuring that they can recharge easily, providing products that are easy to understand, simple tariffs and advertising messages, answering their complaints in a timely manner and resolving issues with speed. We can also differentiate in the way we interact with and service our customers. The way we respond, the way we help them to overcome the technological and service barriers they may experience.

Best on mass market distribution

We believe that Telenor India's (and Telenor in Asia’s) strength lies in mass-market distribution and that this should become our main capability or competitive advantage. Our focus is on servicing retail through good systems, processes and ensuring that we have a better trained and motivated sales force than the competition. We have a sophisticated approach to the way we work in each small regional market through mapping of retail, networks and customer usage.

Lowest costs in the industry

Low cost operations mean that we focus on delivering the right customer experiences while controlling and even reducing costs. We always seek to simplify and focus, so we are smart in servicing our customers right with very lean operations.

Strategic ambitions for our business

In line with Telenor global strategy to retain focus on growth and value creation, Telenor India’s ambition is to create a strong position in mass market offering affordable services not just for few but for many. Our three strategic ambitions for 2015-17 are:

Internet for All

Telenor aims at monetizing data as one of the main priorities in the short to medium term. We have optimized our network to be able to offer the most affordable tariffs on internet services like Facebook and Whatsapp. Moving away from volumes to simple pricing based on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly packs we offer internet services in a fair, convenient and easy to manage sachets.

Loved by Customers

We believe in a staying connected with our customers and this has been the top priority not just for our sales force but the entire leadership team in the organisation. Being a mass market, low cost operations does not limit us to offer superior customer services – we offer services at par with the industry standards.

Efficient Operations

With an operating model based on cost of operations, Telenor has to maintain efficient operations that are built on extreme network optimization, transformational partnerships and superior performance management. The expert team of professionals ensure we deploy future proof technologies that allow us to operate in a cost efficient way and enable value creation in the communities we serve.

Our Key Enablers

To focus on our strategic ambitions, we drive two key enablers: Passionate employees and local impact.

Passionate employees

We pride in offering a performance driven culture based on Telenor Group values, code of conduct and leadership attitudes. Our passionate team of experts are our true competitive advantage. As we build for future, we continue to offer digital experience and build careers through both global and local opportunities. We pride in being built around people.

Local Impact

Telecom services is vital and continues to be an essential service in each of the community we serve. We provide a telecom infrastructure that empowers both people and nations to grow and prosper. The Local Impact ambition is about securing our license to operate as well as creating business and societal value from connecting everyone and driving vital services like Financial Services, mHealth, etc.

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